I want to continue our discussion on the mental health aspects of music. Music helps soothe the soul, but it helps the mind as well. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, learning to play music is a process that involves many skills; both mental and physical. Depending on which instrument you play, there are a variety of motor skills that will need to be developed before the first note can be written.

The guitar and other stringed instruments require proper finger manipulation in order to be able to play the proper note sequences. Wind instruments require the proper use of the lungs and mouth in order to create the proper breath to make the instrument sing. Percussion instruments, use both the hands in the feet in unison to create their driving beats. So whichever one you choose, there will be a number of skills to learn and build on as you go.

young music students

As always, it is best to develop these skills at a young age. The young mind craves education, and the combination of music and skill building helps to form a well rounded mind. Music naturally draws children, so they will be excited about their new venture. As they begin to learn, their minds will enjoy the thrill of exploration and the success of accomplishing their goals. When they become more proficient at their arts, their sense of pride and wonderment will grow. It fulfills their self-esteem needs, and helps them build their identity.

On the next level, they are able to join other musicians to help create music on a larger scale. Even socially awkward individuals will come out of their shell when they join other like-minded people. It allows them to connect with others and create the beautiful music that they love. It is a great way for lifelong relationships to start and grow.

music in groups

Drum instructor Jon Kois has been teaching for 20 years, and blends these concepts into his teaching. When he gets his students started with beginning drum lessons , he applauds their successes which helps their spirit grow. Even at the early stages, he has regular gatherings of all of his students, so that they can share in their new success.

Proper mental health is supported by many, many factors. Some of which may be out of anyone’s hands to change. But one thing we can do, is to give children(and adults) a boost in the areas of self worth, and self-esteem. Music is one of those universal mechanisms that can aid in skill building as well as spiritual and emotional growth all at the same time.